Passion, collaboration, experience, innovation, flexibility…
From the outset GlobalStar aimed to be different from the competition, and over the years we have never lost focus of what is important to us and our clients :
Our People and Process. We bring together some of the most skilful and talented individuals from both inside and outside of the industry, and combine them with the business and creative goals of our clients. It’s really that straightforward — the authenticity, passion, and precision of our process guarantees success.
Putting Clients  First. As a company we constantly work and re-invest in putting clients  first. We are proud that we have established and have been able to maintain a renowned level of exceptional customer service throughout the company. We strive to improve in all areas, but by being an independent, entrepreneurial company, if changes are needed we can react and implement them quickly and efficiently. Our clients  also respect the level of transparency we provide – what you see/read is what you get!
Being Independent. We are truly independent and not owned by a majority stakeholder. We are equally owned by our Partners across the four regions of the world. This means that we can make choices to best suit our clients  and the marketplace needs and we are free to select the products which we feel will offer our clients  the best service and return on investment.
A consultative approach. GlobalStar knows that communication is key to the success of a travel program and we take the time to work with our clients to ensure our offering suits their individual requirements. Our experienced and driven service teams are supported by industry leading technology solutions which focus on providing lowest fare options for each required itinerary and consolidate travel spend and leverage buying power. This consultative approach is clearly appreciated by our clients and has resulted in an impressive client retention rate.
We are intensely collaborative — you don’t select us, you partner with us.