10 Tips

1)     Ensure that the company reporting hierarchy is understood and communicated to the TMC to ensure that your data reporting correctly reflects your requirements.

2)     Be clear about your reporting requirements as early in the tender or implementation process as possible.

3)     Ensure that any requirement to integrate with other internal processes like expense systems is flagged as early as possible.

4)     Ensure all stakeholders, traveler and booker community have a voice in your process. Travel continues to be an emotive service within a company and can be a barometer as to how employees feel about their company.

5)     Remember to consider diversity and cultural alignment to a particular region when considering the right supplier to support you in that region.

6)     Ensure SLAs are only focused on key items and relevant to your business as well as measureable across multiple markets.

7)     Ensure your TMC partner understands how you measure savings internally and that their reporting dashboard will recognize this.

8)     Ensure you report on savings as well as traveler satisfaction.

9)     Consider specialist air and hotel consultancy program to drive global results with key suppliers.

10)  Ensure your traveler and booker community have a well published vehicle to provide feedback.