10 Tips

1)     Have a clearly defined and well published Travel Policy.

2)     Understand the needs and goals of your company in relation to the T&E spend and how this varies by department, business unit or geographical region.

3)     Build a strategy to address these needs and gain Board Level agreement/support for the strategy.

4)     Choose a TMC partner or partners that can support and implement the strategy and has the expertise to add value and experience to the discussions and challenges that will arise.

5)     Ensure your operational and technical platform is solid and reliable to enable you to focus on the strategic development of your program.

6)     Ensure that you create relevant dashboard and exception reporting which can be actioned by your business and has meaningful personalized KPIs.

7)     Ensure that your company is aware of and manages the issues of security and duty of care to their travelers.

8)     Communicate your successes to the business and the achievements of the corporate body working together.

9)     Take input from your booker and traveler community as well as your senior stakeholders to ensure a well-rounded program.

10)  Undertake regular analysis of the program and understand where you can improve performance.