Our solutions provide visibility, allowing you to make actionable decisions 

Travel Managers sit at the center of every managed travel program and as a global TMC, it is our goal to make you shine. Travel managers must work closely with other company departments to ensure a successful program, but in-order to do so, they must work with a successful TMC. On an ongoing basis, we will implement the best technology, assign the best talent in the industry and provide the highest level of service to help you better manage your travel program. 

We do this by assigning a Global Account Manager to work with you as your central point of contact and then by working in partnership with you, your GlobalStar Global Account manager will: 

-       Improve control
-       Maximize efficiency 
-       Drive policy compliance
-       Agree and work towards a strategic business plan 
-       Analyze consolidated data to make informed, strategic decisions 
-       Make recommendations on how to achieve a ‘’best in class’’ program