10 Tips

1)     Keep your traveler/s profiles updated and accurate including emergency contact numbers and next of kin.

2)     If you make multiple bookings for travelers- take the training offered on booking tools.

3)     If you are a key booker take the opportunity to have input into a company feedback forum.

4)     Provide feedback to your travel manager/procurement team on the tools and services provided based on your needs.

5)     Support the company safety and security programs.

6)     Support the company travel policy.

7)     Be aware of resources provided by your company to help your requirement like Web Portals and Mobile services.

8)     Support the preferred suppliers in your travel program as there is often significant additional benefit to the programs other than the face value of the ticket.

9)     Whilst all company savings are to be applauded, bookings outside of the recommended supplier can mean that the company is not aware of your journey whilst it is in progress (security risk), they lose the spend on a negotiated program (potential loss of bonus payments or discounts), loss of travel data until expenses are submitted (double analytical work internally).

10)  If you have a specific requirement to use a supplier that isn’t in your program or is not recommended speak to your travel department or TMC to see if it can be included in the program.