We enhance the experience for the traveler and travel arranger
Employees are at the center of every successful business so whether you are a traveler or a travel arranger we ensure that we are there for the employees every step of the way.
Most people are versed in booking personal travel, but business travel is different. You are spending someone else’s money and the trips are typically more complex with many options: multiple means of transport, multiple routes, 100’s of hotels and once you get to your destination, many ways of getting to your meeting. Whether you are a traveler or a travel arranger, we are aim demystify travel and make your life easier.
We do this by:
-       Providing a seamless end-to-end booking solution to assist in planning your trip
-       Providing an online booking solution for simple point-to-point trips
-       Providing the expertise of an experienced travel consultant for more complex travel
-       Providing local language support
-       Providing the security of a 24/7 emergency service
-       Providing post travel surveys to ensure traveler satisfaction