Brickell Travel Management joins GlobalStar

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brickell Travel Management is a market leader among independently owned Travel Management Companies in the US.  As a privately owned company, BTM has grown from a small operation to an emergent global presence with annual sales exceeding US $90 million. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Brickell Travel has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and London. 

BTM has recognized the gap between large technology driven agencies and smaller boutique agencies that rely strictly on concierge-style service. As such, we invested significant resources into developing the capabilities of large travel management companies along with a unique service model.   What developed as a result is a travel management model where we offer clients the most cost-effective and efficient travel management tools available without sacrificing excellent service, expert knowledge and decades of experience that has defined what Brickell Travel is today.
Our philosophy is that in order to succeed, one must act locally and think globally, providing travellers a unified global service while creating value through specific industry knowledge and superior customer service. 
Our team of multilingual agents is fully certified, with years of experience supporting business travellers; our subsidiary, BTM Events is staffed with experienced professionals fully versed in Incentive travel, groups and events. We invest in our staff, making sure they travel and get to know our products and services, all so they can have the know-how to anticipate client needs and provide superior customer service. By assigning a dedicated team of travel advisors to every single client, there is always someone available to assist with booking travel, providing valuable knowledge and recommendations, and prompt solutions to any inconveniences our travellers may encounter.
We believe that at the heart of BTM’s success is the spirit of family, both within the company and extending that towards our clients, where everyone can work towards the same goal while anticipating the needs of BTM travellers and achieving consistent growth. 

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