GlobalStar appoints WIN as Hotel Programme Provider

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

GlobalStar Travel Management today announced the appointment of the WIN Hotel Programme as its preferred consortium, secondary to its own GlobalStar hotel collection. The new agreement becomes effective on the 1st of January 2018, when all GlobalStar Partners will have access to WIN’s hotel inventory of over 30,000 properties worldwide, as well as the unique Lifestyle Collection and MICE inventory.  

The WIN content will be available for the GlobalStar Partner network via all major GDSs and in addition will offer an aggregator booking portal which will power GlobalStar’s HotelStar solution. A unique feature of this online booking portal, WIN’s Hotel Hub Gateway, is that it includes access to up to 40 Bed Banks/OTAs.
WIN is currently in its final stage of developing an app to better engage with frontline consultants, making learning fun and interactive as well as rewarding. “Engagement with frontline consultants is of key importance to make the programme a success” according to Mr. Jason Harris, Executive Director Supplier Relations at GlobalStar.
WIN has developed its own bespoke data dashboard, utilising the industry-leading Tableau program, which will enable GlobalStar to drill down and produce individual reports for its members.  A key benefit to the partnership will be the enhancement of data and the ability to further analyse the major growth opportunities. In return this will drive greater compliance and rate adoption for preferred hotel partners.
Steve Hartwell, President at GlobalStar says, “After executing a thorough evaluation following a formal RFP process for the appointment of a new hotel content provider, we concluded the WIN Programme is best suited to create a game-changing hotel partnership.”
Neil Armorgie, WIN CEO, states that, “Partnering with GlobalStar  to provide them with our industry-leading hotel programme creates synergies between our organisations  to develop increased opportunities for hotel partners, as well as our collective TMC Partners.”
In Summary
The combined strength of the GlobalStar and WIN partnership will look to deliver in excess of 5 million room nights booked through the GDS annually, into 2018 and beyond.

About GlobalStar Travel Management:
GlobalStar is a worldwide travel management company, owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Over 85 market-leading enterprises, representing over US$14 billion in sales, combine their local expertise, strength and commitment to deliver cohesive, multinational travel management solutions through an innovative technology platform.

About WIN:
WIN provides a negotiated hotel rate programme to a global network of independent travel professionals who work together to deliver a superior service and a comprehensive product range to international corporate clients. There are 6,000 travel agent members in over 70 countries worldwide who book 3.5 million hotel room nights a year. 

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