Omega World Travel UK joins GlobalStar

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Omega World Travel has been a Tier 1 member of GlobalStar in the USA since 2012 and now our UK operation has also joined the GlobalStar organization.  
Omega UK is a highly experienced, flexible and customer responsive travel Management Company which creates solutions to fit individual and company needs. With over 100 wholly owned offices in the US and the UK we provide an ideal partner for all GlobalStar members to deliver cohesive, multinational solutions through an innovative technology platform.
Omega UK’s continuous investments in technology and human capital makes us an expert in managing and reducing corporate travel budgets, developing global CSR programs and sophisticated end-to-end travel management solutions. We are able to meet these demands and deliver high quality service in a fast paced and multinational environment. Through Omega UK’s partnership with GlobalStar, we are able to ensure the very best technology is in place for and is offered to our customers through our highly skilled and trained staff.

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