STA Potovanja Slovakia joins GlobalStar

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

STA Potovanja was established in 2001 by two young entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to bring the next level of service to the market, which together with highly trained staff paved the way to fast growth. The company started off with focus on the student segment, which quickly expanded to include all segments of the Slovenian market. The agency expanded to Croatia in 2005 and made a name for itself with professional service and competitive prices.

For the period of the last 5 years, we have been focusing on the corporate segment, and we are currently managing accounts for several major businesses in Slovenia, including a large number of companies in the public sector. Since both Slovenia and Croatia are popular destinations for leisure and MICE visitors, we are also managing the needs of incoming passenger’s accommodation arrangements, and tour management.
The agency has always been focused on providing personalized service while at the same time leveraging technology to streamline the process and make customer service as efficient as possible. We always keep up to date with the developments in the IT sector, and we adapt to take advantage of all the benefits they provide. The IT team is agile and flexible, which helps us respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing landscape of the travel industry.
Our website is user friendly and supports all types of devices. We provide our customers with an expansive database of information relevant to their trip planning. We give the businesses the tools they need to properly manage their travel needs, including advanced reporting, instant reservations, and multi-level access.
We take pride in our staff, and we dedicate a lot of time and resources to train and educate them - not only in professional skills they need to answer the needs of our clients, but also in customer care, which is one of the most important pillars of our business. Our agents constantly take training courses. We discuss any new developments and brainstorm ways to improve our services on a weekly basis.
STA Potovanja continues to provide the best service and the most competitive prices, backed by the constantly upgraded knowledge, technology, and customer care. 

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