Travizon’s 2015 Business Travel Survey Results

Friday, June 26, 2015

We officially announce the release of Travizon’s 2015 Business Travel Survey results! The full detailed report is now available for download. As this trillion dollar industry continues to grow, it’s evident that businesses and agencies alike must place greater emphasis on creating a seamless, high-touch experience in order to foster better business traveler engagement and satisfaction.

After receiving responses from over 200 U.S. business travelers—segmented by job title, age group, and travel frequency—the full report uncovers a number of compelling trends.
•             74% of all respondents agree with the statement: “My employer should know where I am and how to reach me at all times.”
•             33% of the most frequent travelers dread reporting travel expenses to the point where they pay for things themselves.
•             22% of all respondents report they are only engaged for 50% of the time spent at a conference – and 10% say they’re just going through the motions by Day 2!
Interested in learning more?

Download the 2015 Business Travel Survey – Full Report for a closer look. 

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