Account Management

Our Account Managers help you realize your goals and work in partnership with you to deliver a best in class Travel Management Program 
Working as your business partner, we invest in your success, offering support, guidance and practical solutions to achieve your aims. We do this by establishing relationships with key client stakeholders and we work with you to continually develop and manage your program on a Global, Regional and Local level. 
Our philosophy is to put our clients first in everything we do and to design our support to your specific needs. From annual reviews and issue escalation to outsource management of your program we can provide a solution that works for you and your business. Your account manager will be responsible for ensuring that our global organization pulls together to deliver on our promises to you.
Strategic Planning - at the center of our Account Management program is the strategic business plan. Initially during implementation, and thereafter during every quarterly business plan, we build a strategic business plan, review the successes and agree on future goals. This is just one example of our long-term commitment to a highly collaborative, yet focused structure which delivers time and time again across savings, technology, innovation and customer service. 
Analysis - in our experience Data is the number one priority for all of our clients . We take your number one priority and make it our number one priority. Prior to implementation our Account Managers work with you and our operations teams to ensure that the program includes the key performance indicators necessary to prove value inside your business. We ensure that the data provided is accessible at a glance and we work in partnership to provide personalized dashboards and exception reporting to guarantee that you have the relevant data at your fingertips. We proactively use this data to set realistic goals for your travel program and we make active recommendations to develop and stretch your goals over the life of the contract. 
Talent - in selecting the best talent within the industry, our Account Managers are chosen for their passion and commercial acumen. Our Account Managers have the ability to focus on, and understand your company and its needs while taking into account trends and issues in the wider travel industry. They have the ability to make decisions quickly, consider and implement the right solutions, set goals, achieve targets and identify opportunities.