Travel Management Consulting

Designed to support our clients with a full consultancy service including strategy, sourcing, audit and reporting for Global or Regional Hotel and Air programs
Our consultancy package has been designed to be as flexible as possible allowing you our client to choose and create a package that best suits your requirements. Our services include: 
Data Consolidation - taking data from multiple sources including TMCs, card and Expense and creating a single useable data source.
Travel Policy - advice on building, benchmarking your current policy or creating “what if” scenarios in relation to potential travel policy changes.
Strategy Proposal - defining the strategy based on your overall required outcome and current position, deciding which suppliers to call for tender and the approach for each supplier.
Sourcing - management of the RFP, Analytics of the responses, “What if” scenarios based on supplier offers.
Implementation - from contract signature to complete supplier loading audit.
Monitoring and Optimization - program performance measurement, traveler behavior tracking and market share shift.
We can tailor our support to your requirements and the process can be a full or partial outsource allowing you to buy a module , a number of modules or the complete package to suit your needs in both Air and Hotel consulting.