We leverage our global buying power and the strength of our relationships 
Global Hotel Program.
We believe that a comprehensive hotel program should be the cornerstone of any travel program, ensuring your travelers stay only in approved hotels at the best possible rate. By offering a wide range of hotels across the world, we guarantee to place all travelers in policy-compliant properties regardless of location and at highly competitive rates.
Our Global Hotel program - HotelStar is our proprietary hotel program that leverages our global buying power and the strength of our relationships to offer exclusive rates and significant savings. HotelStar offers access to more than 180,000 hotels , in over 6,000 cities across 149 countries across the world and is constantly expanding as we see a need for additional locations or further properties in existing locations. 
HotelStar also offers:
-       Blocked Space: Over 60,000 rooms through the Safety Net Program
-       An exclusive “something extra” for every stay – this could include: Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Bottled Water

Client Hotel Program 
Our Account Managers continually monitor and analyze your date to see whether you have the right volume and concentration of room nights to allow a bespoke hotel program based on your name and your volumes. Your Account Manager will work with you to undertake vendor negotiations following our proven process:
-       Gather transaction data (room nights) from current TMCs, card spending data, and expense reports 
-       Build market profiles (categories, geographical locations, etc.)
-       Translate travel policy into potential suppliers by market
-       Prepare and publish RFPs using online tools
-       Determine amenity values, and target rates
-       Negotiate rates
-       Publish obtained directory and open rates in the booking tools and GDS
-       Set up base and policy coding into online tools
Whenever the traveler makes an inquiry, our travel agents will offer the rates from the preferred vendor as well as those of GlobalStar’s affiliated service provider. This way, it is possible for our clients to select the options based on availability, product and price.