Driving savings before the trip, during the trip and after the trip
At GlobalStar we optimize your travel program and drive deeper savings through three core areas: process, sourcing, and booking and fulfillment. We then work with our clients and our technology providers to implement the right technology to drive savings at every stage of the trip. 
Before the trip - at the point of sale, we utilize a global fare finding tool to realize significant savings for our clients. FareStar is GlobalStar's ground-breaking tool, allowing our travel agents to search our entire global airfare database with fares from any country and on every GDS, offering our clients increased savings. FareStar allows all GlobalStar clients to benefit wider selection of seat inventory, take advantage of measurable savings and access better fare options. All in all offering our clients a rare opportunity to control global expenditure on travel from any of their locations. 
During the trip - we partner with third-party mobile application providers such as Trip-Case and Tripit to enable you to communicate with travelers during their trip. This allows a degree of behavioral management to influence the means of transport a traveler takes or the restaurant a traveler eats at. Simple things that can make a significant difference in overall cost reduction and traveler satisfaction.  
After the trip - people often underestimate the power of surveys. By soliciting stakeholder feedback we can ascertain were we are successful and understand areas for improvement. This allows us to further customize your travel program to ensure it is fit for purpose and thereby removing program leakage.