Virtual Travel

Demand management is the most effective means of cost containment
In responses to clients' needs to optimize savings, to address demand management and to answer a call for increased environmental concerns, GlobalStar developed VirtualStar. 
VirtualStar offers access to videoconferencing rooms in more than 3000 locations worldwide and facilitates web-based meetings rather than expensive and time-consuming face-to-face meetings. VirtualStar offers a dedicated online portal, to allow travelers and travel bookers to easily organize and manage virtual meetings. Through the tool, the booker simply  selects the locations, room type, duration, number  of participants, and even value-add amenities such as WI-FI, printing and refreshments. A meeting invitation is then scheduled and sent automatically to the participants’ email address and includes the address of the meeting room. Locations can be chosen by class, proximity to the client’s office or preferred venue.
VirtualStar offers clear benefits for the key stakeholders: 
-       The traveler: benefits from time gain, an easy to use tool and increased safety by minimizing trips to potentially unsafe destinations. 
-       The travel manager:  benefits from easy  integration to the existing travel program, a reduction in T&E and in CO2 emissions in line with companies’ environmental policies.
-       The Procurement Manager / CFO: benefits from an instant return on investment: The use of the tool is compensated by lower T&E.