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Leading global corporate travel management from local entrepreneurs

Our Credentials

GlobalStar is a truly Worldwide Travel Management organisation, operating in more than 2,500 locations in over 55 countries across the globe. Our combined turnover, in excess of US $12 Billion allows us to drive significant buying power, adding value to your travel programme. Championed by consistent service levels and cohesive solutions around the world, we are the Partner of choice.

Our approach delivers an innovative and comprehensive solution for all your travel requirements, allowing you to focus on the success and management of your business. GlobalStar gives you the peace of mind that your travel needs and importantly, the safety and security of your travellers is well taken care of.

With GlobalStar, customers are partnering with an agile and experienced Travel Management organisation that can create solutions to fit individual needs. GlobalStar delivers service of the highest quality in a multinational environment. We make sure that travellers arrive at their destinations comfortably, securely and with as little stress as is humanly possible.

By pulling together the very best technology with buying power and placing this in the hands of highly skilled, well trained and motivated staff we offer our customers the confidence and trust they seek in their Travel Management company. Your business is important to us and you may be assured that our people and our resources will be fully committed to adding value to your Travel Management programme.

From the outset we saw a gap in the market and we wanted to create something different. As much as we operate in a Global market place, there are local market nuances such as country culture, company culture and personal culture that need to be addressed. These local market nuances form the heart of our philosophy – Go Global. Stay Local.


Originating in 2001, GlobalStar began as a Partner Network of Independent Travel Management Companies all with a common strategy. This common strategy and our ‘Partner Ownership Principle’ based on firm commitments and Global consistency is what makes our structure unique. Decision-making responsibility, for all customer-relevant issues, is managed and maintained at both a global and local level, ensuring integral customer relationships are valued and services delivered with both efficiency and satisfaction.

In 2009, the GlobalStar Executive Team was formed to provide core services across Sales, Account Management, Product Development, Implementation, Operations, IT and Partner Management. Together the charismatic, innovative and highly-experienced Global Executive Team collaborate and innovate to ensure a professional and successful Global organisation.

Within each country, the GlobalStar Executive Team is supported by highly-skilled and expert Partners, who collaborate on a global level. Working in Partnership together, the team provide an unparalleled level of service, with the customer at the heart of everything we do, to deliver service and expertise at a local level.

At GlobalStar, we deliver service and expertise with a difference. Our philosophy is simple and we stand by it – Go Global. Stay Local.



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Worldwide Office Locations


What makes us unique – our culture and values

Passion, collaboration, experience, innovation, flexibility. Our values are the enduring principles that we use to do business with integrity and trust every day. Our culture is our operating framework – who we are and how we behave.

Our People and Process. We bring together some of the most skilful and talented individuals from both inside and outside of the industry, and combine them with the business and creative goals of our clients. It’s really that straightforward — the authenticity, passion, and precision of our process guarantees success.

Putting Clients First. As a company we are client obsessed and we strive for excellence in everything we do for our clients. Through open and respectful Partnerships founded on honesty and integrity, we have been able to maintain an unprecedented level of customer service throughout the company. It doesn’t stop there – we continually strive to improve in all areas of business, and being an independent, entrepreneurial company, if we need to make a change, we can react and implement them quickly and efficiently. Our clients also respect the level of transparency we provide – what you see is what you get!

Being Independent. We are truly independent and not owned by a majority stakeholder. This means that we each have a personal accountability to meet the needs of our business, to improve our system, to help others improve their effectiveness and ultimately, to act in the best interests of our clients. We act with integrity to make decisions in partnership with our clients and their local market needs. We are free to select the products which we feel will offer our clients the best service and return on investment and are not tied to any proprietary technology or preferred agreements.

Taking a consultative approach. We recognise that as much as every individual is different, every client is also different so we work tirelessly to understand our client’s individual needs and requirements. The insights we gain not only help us identify new innovations to meet the needs of our clients, but also help us communicate more effectively with our clients.

It is this empathetic and consultative approach together with our commitment to innovation and excellence along with clear and honest communication that allows us to think differently.

We are passionate and intensely collaborative — you don’t select us, you Partner with us.

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