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In developing solutions for our clients we focus on each and every stakeholder

Travel Managers

A bespoke solution for your travel and event management needs

In developing a solution for our clients, we consider your core stakeholders: Travel Manager; Procurement Manager / CFO and the Traveller / Travel Arranger; and all the local countries and nuances.

We also take into consideration your objectives and it is our mission to focus on each of the core stakeholders, demonstrate value and ensure that travel is an enabler.

We do this by assigning a Global Account Manager to work with you as your central point of contact and then by working in partnership with you, your GlobalStar Global Account Manager will:

  • Improve control
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Drive policy compliance
  • Agree a strategic business plan
  • Analyse consolidated data to make informed, strategic decisions
  • Make recommendations on how to achieve a ‘’best in class’’ programme

10 Tips

1) Have a clearly defined and well published Travel Policy.

2) Understand the needs and goals of your company in relation to the T&E spend and how this varies by department, business unit or geographical region.

3) Build a strategy to address these needs and gain Board Level agreement/support for the strategy.

4) Choose a TMC partner or partners that can support and implement the strategy and has the expertise to add value and experience to the discussions and challenges that will arise.

5) Ensure your operational and technical platform is solid and reliable to enable you to focus on the strategic development of your programme.

6) Ensure that you create relevant dashboards and exception reporting which can be actioned by your business and has meaningful personalised KPIs.

7) Ensure that your company is aware of and manages the issues of security and duty of care to their travellers.

8) Communicate your successes to the business and the achievements of the corporate body working together.

9) Take input from your booker and traveller community as well as your senior stakeholders to ensure a well-rounded programme.

10) Undertake regular analysis of the programme and understand where you can improve performance.

Finance & Procurement

We focus on cost containment and drive continued savings

Industry research and research from our own client base identifies travel as the third largest controllable expense category, exceeded only by payroll and benefits; Employee spend typically represents 8-10% of a company’s total operating expenses; On average, 20% of a company’s employee spending is out of policy and many companies report a lack of sufficient visibility into employee spending.

At GlobalStar we are here to solve these problems. We do this by:

  • Providing globally consolidated data based on your requirements
  • We analyse this data to make informed, strategic decisions
  • We make recommendations on how to achieve a ‘’best in class’’ programme
  • Tell you how you are performing by benchmarking your programme to other travel programmes of a similar size, scope and / or industry

10 Tips

1) Ensure that the company reporting hierarchy is understood and communicated to the TMC to ensure that your data reporting correctly reflects your requirements.

2) Be clear about your reporting requirements as early in the tender or implementation process as possible.

3) Ensure that any requirement to integrate with other internal processes like expense systems is flagged as early as possible.

4) Ensure all stakeholders, traveller and booker community have a voice in your process. Travel continues to be an emotive service within a company and can be a barometer as to how employees feel about their company.

5) Remember to consider diversity and cultural alignment to a particular region when considering the right supplier to support you in that region.

6) Ensure SLAs are only focused on key items and relevant to your business as well as measurable across multiple markets.

7) Ensure your TMC partner understands how you measure savings internally and that their reporting dashboard will recognise this.

8) Ensure you report on savings as well as traveller satisfaction.

9) Consider specialist air and hotel consultancy programme to drive global results with key suppliers.

10) Ensure your traveller and booker community have a well published vehicle to provide feedback.

Travellers & Arrangers

We enhance the experience for the traveller and travel arranger

Employees are at the centre of every successful business so whether you are a traveller or a travel arranger we ensure that we are there for the employees every step of the way.

Most people are versed in booking personal travel, but business travel is different. You are spending someone else’s money and the trips are typically more complex with many options: multiple means of transport, multiple routes, 100’s of hotels and once you get to your destination, many ways of getting to your meeting. Whether you are a traveller or a travel arranger, we aim demystify travel and make your life easier.

We do this by:

  • Providing a seamless end-to-end booking solution to assist in planning your trip
  • Providing an online booking solution for simple point-to-point trips
  • Providing the expertise of an experienced travel consultant for more complex travel
  • Providing local language support
  • Providing the security of a 24/7 emergency service
  • Providing post travel surveys to ensure traveller satisfaction

10 Tips

1) Keep your traveller/s profiles updated and accurate including emergency contact numbers and next of kin.

2) If you make multiple bookings for travellers, take the training offered on booking tools.

3) If you are a key booker take the opportunity to have input into a company feedback forum.

4) Provide feedback to your travel manager/procurement team on the tools and services provided based on your needs.

5) Support the company safety and security programmes.

6) Support the company travel policy.

7) Be aware of resources provided by your company to help your requirement like Web Portals and Mobile services.

8) Support the preferred suppliers in your travel programme as there is often significant additional benefit to the programmes other than the face value of the ticket.

9) Whilst all company savings are to be applauded, bookings outside of the recommended supplier can mean that the company is not aware of your journey whilst it is in progress (security risk), they lose the spend on a negotiated programme (potential loss of bonus payments or discounts), loss of travel data until expenses are submitted (double analytical work internally).

10) If you have a specific requirement to use a supplier that isn’t in your programme or is not recommended speak to your travel department or TMC to see if it can be included in the programme.

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