Our dynamic global reporting tool


We provide globally consolidated data to allow our clients to make actionable decisions

ReportStar – Our dynamic global reporting tool delivers insightful data to help you reduce business travel costs, drive travel policy compliance and improve travel programme efficiencies. We do this by consolidating, cleansing and normalising data from around the world and then publishing the consolidated data into one online global reporting tool.

ReportStar allows our clients to quickly and easily manipulate data in an interactive, graphical interface, providing charts and graphs, allowing you to quickly uncover savings opportunities.


In addition, our offering includes a full suite of standard and ad hoc reports required to support today’s modern travel programme.

ReportStar is intuitive and easy-to-use with flexible drill-down capabilities, dashboard views and 24/7 online viewing capabilities. Reports can be downloaded in a number of formats including PDFs and Excel. ReportStar has been developed to provide our clients with data for the issues facing travel managers on a local, regional and global level and the feedback we get from our clients shows they believe ReportStar supports them in their endeavours.


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