GlobalStar Travel Management Increases Data Accuracy & Speed of Reporting with 3wai’s Data Cleansing and Normalization Software

Sunday, July 16, 2017

GlobalStar Travel Management today announced it can now provide an enhanced consolidated, validated data flow to any central reporting tool with the Travel Data Gateway cleansing tool developed by 3wai. GlobalStar Clients will be able to see accurate, fully reconciled data, earlier; so, important decisions can be deployed in a timely manner. This unique engineering solution, which GlobalStar has named DataStar 3.0, was created in conjunction with 3wai, a technology provider in the travel and loyalty industries.

Gonçalo Fernandes, Executive Director IT at GlobalStar says, “Working to develop this tool with 3wai has enabled us to significantly improve our Global data cleansing and normalization process. We have been able to tighten our validation processes and data accuracy, and diagnose and fix potential data errors quicker than ever before. This tool also includes a specialized hotel reconciliation module.  We believe this gives us greater control and accuracy thus improving the quality of reporting  for our clients.  We have used other products that claim to have the “validation” functionality, but they do not do the job for us.  With the 3wai product, we are notified of the exact errors as the data is imported, and can access the specific error instantly with the click of a mouse.  The reporting function also allows us to run performance analysis on GlobalStar partners and provide personalized training and technology solution to constantly improve the Data handoff.”

Rick Ridding, President of 3wai, states that, “It has been great working closely with GlobalStar to fine-tune our Travel Data Gateway (TDG) product.  One major benefit is our integration with all of the major GDSs. TDG enables our agency’s PNR data to flow directly into our system within minutes after the time of booking. GlobalStar can now get accurate reports in a timely fashion using the normalized data from their Partners all across the globe.
About GlobalStar Travel Management:
GlobalStar is a worldwide travel management company owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Over 85 market leading enterprises, representing over US $14 billion in sales, combine their local expertise, strength and commitment to deliver cohesive, multinational travel management solutions through an innovative technology platform.

About 3WAI:
3WAI, was created in 2002 to help travel companies transition to the business-side of the internet.  Our mandate is to help companies to re-tool their internal applications to offer them to the global community more readily; to leverage the internet and mobile applications to promote business through innovative, unique eBusiness Platforms. We are travel industry technology experts, specializing in travel inventory switch integration or complex application development.  We also license software applications for travel eCommerce and loyalty redemption.

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