Cost containment, efficiency and quality service through the application of innovative technology is at the heart of GlobalStar and underpins all of our services

We believe that technology must have a purpose and a benefit for one of the core stakeholders: the Travel Manager; the Procurement Manager / CFO and the Traveler / Travel Arranger. With this philosophy we focus on three core areas:
-       Before the trip – i.e. online booking tools, global fare tools, hotel programs 
-       During the trip – mobile applications, risk management 
-       After the trip – global data consolidation, online reporting, surveys 
To ensure we have the right technology, and to meet the diverse nuances of the global environment, we adopt a dual approach to deliver what we need where we need it:
-       Proprietary technology – we design, develop and implement the latest technology
-       Third-Party technology – we believe it is important to focus on fundamentals, and where a third-party solution exists, we partner with the best provider to deliver the best solutions to our clients  
This uncompromising approach to technology allows us to take into consideration regional and local nuances, whilst delivering a consistent, global platform.