Goncalo Fernandes is the new Executive Director of Information Technology with GlobalStar Travel Management and joined the organisation on the 1st of march 2017.

Goncalo has studied Computer and Engineering Multimedia and started his professional career in telecommunications, working for the biggest telecom company in Portugal. At that time, his role was deeply technical, working on system administration and networks. Before joining the Travel sector, he had been developing software for the Portuguese Government focusing on what is called “project Simplex” – where technology would help citizens to get a better public service.

In 2006 as an IT Technician, he joined Travelport and worked closely with the Travel Agencies’ IT Managers. Two years later, as a Technical Consultant, he was responsible for the intermediation between Companies and Travel Agencies. As a technology provider, his role was to ensure that Travel Agencies could offer the services that companies required through technology – quick wins & processes optimization. Goncalo also has been working as Consultant on several online and mobile projects, B2B2C & B2C – supporting the integrations with GDS API’s and working closely with 3rd parties. At that time, he also started to sell and implement Corporate Booking Tools in Portugal, Spain, Angola and Mozambique.

In 2012, now as a Corporate Solutions Manager, and still focusing on self-service tools for corporations, he was involved in several international projects of Corporate Booking Tools and Expense Reports helping clients to adapt to Regional and Local requirements. Goncalo worked closely with the Brazil and South American markets as well as the APAC and Australian markets – giving him a full picture of global needs.

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