Claiming compensation can be complicated – and usually requires detailed insight into the legal interpretation of the rules, knowledge about the delay reason and other factors affecting the flight. This is why most companies do not claim airline compensation for their delayed employees – even though rules have been in place for more than a decade. So, there is an increasing demand for travel agencies to offer such a service to their corporate clients.

GlobalStar has entered into a strategic partnership with PaxFour, to avail of claim management for their corporate clients. PaxFour is a joint-venture between Scandinavia’s and Germany’s largest claim companies, supported by other claim company affiliates in Europe. PaxFour is already claiming compensation on behalf of some of Europe’s largest and most international companies. GlobalStar has branded this new offering as ClaimStar being part of their Star Suite of products and solution.

“There are large potential savings to be made by companies with frequently flying employees,” explains Johan Fugmann, CEO of PaxFour.  “A company with 30.000 annual travels has the potential to make up to 200.000 EUR in compensations. As claims as old as six years can be processed, the total claim during the first year could be worth more than 1 million EUR.”

“We chose to sign with PaxFour due to their long track record with corporate claims handling,” says Steve Hartwell, President of GlobalStar. “Their offering is unique, where the compensation is sent to the company as opposed to the passenger. During our recent Global Sales Meeting, our members showed great interest in this service, so we expect a quick roll-out of the offering to our corporate customers.”

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