GlobalStar Travel Management has entered into a strategic partnership with Atriis Technologies, having Atriis.GTP (Global Travel Platform) as their innovative technology, enabling its members to successfully navigate the rapidly changing distribution landscape. Atriis.GTP is a unique booking platform designed for both TMCs and corporates to access the broadest range of content possible, via connections to multi GDSs, NDC enabled airlines, hotel direct connects, OTAs, rail platforms, and value add services such as Heathrow Express, parking services and ancillaries.  Additionally, Atriis.GTP introduces a marketplace where wholesale partner fares can be easily accessed and distributed between partner TMCs.  By aggregating access to desired content, Atriis.GTP eliminates fragmentation, excess cost and additional processes.

In addition to broad content options, the platform allows GlobalStar partners to enhance global effectiveness by allowing any GlobalStar partner to access and service another partner’s booking through its unique GSS (Global Shared Services) feature.  This seamless handling adds value for GlobalStar clients by facilitating a regionally consistent traveller experience and provides GlobalStar partners a means to compete globally with Mega TMCs.

Gonçalo Fernandes, Executive Director of IT at GlobalStar stated: “Atriis’s ability to provide all the content that a GlobalStar partner would need in one place for both an agent and a traveller creates tremendous value for us, as we no longer have to go outside traditional channels to book fragmented content and have excess process and cost.”

Omri Amsalem, Chief Revenue Officer of Atriis Technologies added: “We are very pleased to support GlobalStar with a technology that empowers their partners to aggressively compete and thrive in an uncertain time of disintermediation, and where new business distribution models pose a real threat to the traditional TMC model.”

The combined benefits of Atriis.GTP for GlobalStar create efficiencies that enhance and transform their business’ ability to improve their customer’s experience.

Helen Menniss, VP of Global Account Management said “Atriis’s platform creates numerous opportunities to create greater value for our clients, through easier booking and richer content to eliminating excess cost.”

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