Maiden Voyage the world’s leading provider of female business traveller safety solutions has joined forces with multi-national travel management organisation, GlobalStar to increase the safety of both female and LGBTQ travellers globally.

The partnership will give GlobalStar access to the full range of products and services supplied by Maiden Voyage, to help them to deliver an enhanced duty of care to their clients. Organisations that buy their travel services through the GlobalStar network are by nature multinationals that despatch travellers to diverse regions around the world. As legal and cultural nuances vary for both female and LGBTQ travellers, having a TMC who is informed and can come up with an all-encompassing travel solution provides an increased level of safety for both the travel buyer and those staff who travel on business. Furthermore, with 1 in 4 female travellers having suffered a negative incident when away on business travel, half of which are related to sexual harassment, employers should be looking to help to reduce the risk to staff. The recent #MeToo campaign has highlighted a number of incidents that have taken place away from the office.

In the Women in Business Travel Survey, conducted by Maiden Voyage, 79% of respondents said that they felt underprepared to deal with an incident should one occur with 70% stating that they felt their travel provider should try harder to address their specific needs. The partnership between GlobalStar and Maiden Voyage will make a considerable impact on taking gender specific travel advice and pre-trip training to the masses.

Carolyn Pearson, CEO and founder of Maiden Voyage said “We already work with a small number of TMC’s here in the UK, but the partnership with GlobalStar will enable us as an organisation to expand significantly. This will allow us to take our message out to those organisations who are floundering about giving gender specific travel safety advice in a relevant and sensitive context and ultimately, together we will be able to make the world a safer place for female and LGBTQ travellers”.

Steve Hartwell, President of GlobalStar added “We understand that legal and cultural nuances vary around the world and as a global organisation we strive to deliver service and expertise with a difference. Our partnership with Maiden Voyage adds a valuable solution to our service and will allow us to further educate travellers on global and local risks.

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